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Not sure if the format you have is a usable vector file?  The preferred format for your artwork is original vector art saved in EPS format with all designs and fonts converted to outlines. If you do not have this, we can create it for you from whatever artwork you do have. 

Preferred Formats:  Adobe Illustrator® (file extension .ai or .eps)  Adobe Photoshop® (file extension .eps) Sometimes a (.pdf) file is vector and was just saved as a pdf instead of an EPS just so anyone can view it without having a graphics program installed on their computer. 

What if I don’t have artwork? We can create and design art for your selected promotional product. Simply e-mail us a vector copy of your logo and type style/font name that you prefer and we will take it from there. 

Graphic Design:  Artwork services are often billed at $45.00 per hour.  If graphic design services are necessary, we will let you know before proceeding.

Special Corporate Color Matches - PMS Matches  “PMS”  is an abbreviation for Pantone Matching System™.  These are numbered swatches similar to paint chips. Art departments and manufacturers worldwide work from these PMS numbers. Since we are printing on many different types of surfaces and surface colors, unless the item is white exact PMS matches are not guaranteed. Please ask if PMS match is necessary for charges on the item(s) you are ordering. We stock many ink colors that may be a very close match.  There is NO charge to use stock ink colors.

What is a Set Up/Screen Charge?  A set-up charge is applied to every custom printed order. It covers setting up your logo or message for various imprint methods. EX: plates for debossing, hotstamping or foil, screens for silk screening and pads for pad printing. 

What is a Proof Charge?  This is the final stage of review prior to going to the production print phase of your order.  Paper emailed or faxed proofs show your art/logo as it will appear on the product you are ordering.  We do this to show and estimate of placement, size and content.  You would review this prior to finalizing your order  to verify accuracy and completeness of what you wish to be printed on the item.  EX: phone number, website, slogan or event date.  Most proofs show a close visual of the imprint and item colors. Since every printer and screen monitor is different proofs are not an exact representation of output and final order colors.  Proof pricing ranges from FREE to $26 per.  Actual item samples where the equipment runs one unit for inspection are called spec samples. Those are not available with all jobs as it may be cost prohibitive.  Please inquire if a spec sample is available with your order.  Often pricing is $50 til $200 and delays your delivery date.  Typically clients will review random item samples to see product itself with print quality demonstrated. 


Some of Our Most Common Printing Methods


Screen Printing and/or Pad Printing

It's important to remember that each color you want printed means another screen is required to create, set-up, and print through. The costs connected with these screens depend on the techniques used. A screen/set up fee is required on most items that are screen printed.

Drop shadows, shading, and anything that blends from light to dark will probably end up looking like a series of dots and should be avoided. (This does not apply to single-color halftone gradients).

Light ink imprint colors may require a flash underlay to show correctly on dark items.

Typically the first ink imprint color is included in the price quoted. Each additional imprint color and/or location may require another setup/screen and imprint run charge. 


Embroidery reproduces your logo in fine detail with thread colors to match a logo. A digitized tape is typically required (.dst) set up which is priced based on the size of the design and the number of stitches. It is difficult to reproduce full color photographic type images and logos with an embroidery process as those type of images require halftones, blending and shading of colors to create the image.

Full Color, Digital, Four Color Process Printing

Printed with a digital process and shows halftone and color gradations as a color photograph does.      Uses a combination of CMYK ink colors to mix the colors.  PMS colors are not used in this process, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are blended to achieve the output colors

Hot Stamp

A variety of foil colors are available with a hot-stamped imprint. Gold and Silver are the most popular colors. We cannot match a PMS color via the hot stamping method due to the limited available industry foils.  Some foils are matte and some appear more shiny.


These a subtle imprint methods press your logo onto a product. It can be color filled but is usually done with no color for a more sophisticated upscale look. 

Laser Engraving

 An inexpensive way to achieve a detailed decoration with a high-end look by etching artwork onto a surface.




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